152 - Numeber of F-35 on Russia's western border in the future.

152 – Number Of F-35’s On Russia’s Western Border In The Future

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As Romania announced plans to buy 32 latest-generation F-35 fighter planes from U.S. manufacturer Lockheed Martin, the total number of F-35 near Russia’s, combining the future fleets of Finland (64), Poland (32) and the Czech Republic (24).

Last year Romania agreed to buy 32 second-hand F-16 fighter jets from Norway, adding to 17 planes acquired from Portugal since 2016.

The first F-35s for Poland will be delivered to the Polish Air Force in 2024 and deliveries will continue through 2030. Finland will receive its first F-35s in 2026, the Czechs in 2029 and Romania in 2030.

(ISources: Reuters, Lockheed Martin. Image: Lockheed Martin)

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