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Nordic Defence Review (NDR) is an independent publication, focused on defence and security issues in the Northern Europe. The publisher of NDR is Kravat Oy.


Jaakko Puuperä, Chief-in-Editor of Nordic Defence Review.
Jaakko Puuperä, Editor-in-Chief of Nordic Defence Review.

MSc. (Pol.) Jaakko Puuperä (b. 1968) is military and defence journalist specialised on strategy, military technology, economy, politics and logistics. Puuperä has been an editor-in-chief of largest and oldest Independent Finnish military review Suomen Sotilas for over two decades.


Jan Erola, Publisher of Nordic Defence Review.

MSc. (Pol)) Jan Erola (b. 1969, London) is s former journalist and publisher. He has published dozens of military history books by top historians. Erola is a former program director of the Helsinki Book Fair and the founder of Kravat Oy, a Communications Agency.