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Denmark in NDR

Danish Soldier in Afganistan
Population: 5950000
Total Military Personnel: 83000
Air Force Personnel: 3500
Army Personnel: 88400
Navy Personnel: 3600
Tanks: 4
Vehicles: 4056
Self-Propelled Artillery: 19
Towed Artillery: 0
MLRS (Rocket Artillery): 0
Naval Assets: 91
Fritates: 9
Patrol Vessels: 45
Mine Warfare: 0
Submarines: 0
Destroyers: 0
Aircraft Total: 119
Fighters: 33
Helicopters: 34
Attack Helicopters: 0 
Defence Budget

The proposed defense budget for 2024 is 6.3 billion EUR. 

Main Expenditure Items

The focus will be on territorial defense, the Arctic, cyber security, and strengthening the Danish navy. Denmark also plans substantial military support for Ukraine by boost the Ukraine Assistance Fund with 1.4 bn euros in 2025, 1 bn in 2026, and 700 million in 2027.

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