Jessikka Aro

Putin’s Info World War: Berlin Video Factory Aims at Europe, Ghanaian Troll Army Targets the US

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Award-winning journalist Jessikka Aro’s new book, Putin’s World War, delves into Russia’s information warfare in Germany, highlighting RT Deutsch’s production of video propaganda in Berlin. In Ghana, a network of trolls manipulates social media under the guise of strengthening black identity, while actually advancing the Kremlin’s agenda.

The author presents evidence suggesting that Moscow had a significant role in the 2010 Smolensk plane crash, which killed Poland’s President among others. “I’ve read the Russian report; it’s rubbish. It’s a conspiracy theory, and it’s very poorly written too,” claimed Aro.

Ms. Aro also observed that Westerners often celebrate perceived victories over the Kremlin in the information war. She disagrees, warning, “The battle for truth has almost been lost.”

Jessikka Aro’s new book has so far only been published in Finnish. The publishing rights have been sold to Germany, Czechia, Hungary and Sweden. Her previous non-fiction title, Putin’s Trolls, has been sold to Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, and Sweden. Additionally, world rights in English, as well as film and TV rights, have been secured.

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