Patria 6x6 APC

Success for Finnish Patria 6×6 armoured vehicles and CAVS programme 

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Finnish defence material provider Patria announced in June that Finnish army purchase 91 Patria 6×6 armoured personnel carriers (APC) – or more precisely modular armoured multi-purpose vehicles. Deliveries of the vehicles will begin during 2023. In addition to the vehicles, the purchase also includes spare parts, tools as well as operation and maintenance training, in addition to a purchase option for 70 vehicles. 

Patria is an international provider of defence, security and aviation life cycle support services, technology solutions and pilot training. Patria provides its aerospace and military customers with equipment availability, continuous performance development as well as selected intelligence, surveillance and management system products and services. 

The Finnish Defence Forces purchase Patria 6×6 armoured vehicles as a part of the multinational Finland-led CAVS (Common Armoured Vehicle Systems) programme that also features Latvia, Sweden, and Germany. The multinational CAVS programme has proceeded as planned. Important thing to be noticed is that Germany joined the programme recently and Sweden has already ordered its first 20 vehicles. Deliveries to Latvia have been underway since 2021. The joint 6×6 vehicle programme has attracted interest and it is also open to other countries with the mutual consent of the participating countries. In 2022, the Finnish Defence Forces acquired three pre-series vehicles which were in test use before the actual serial order. During the test phase, the Finnish Army had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the different features and operational use of Patria 6×6 vehicles, as well as define the final requirements for the serial order vehicles.

“Finland’s serial order is a remarkable milestone for the entire CAVS programme. With this order, Patria 6×6 armoured vehicles are already being manufactured in Hämeenlinna, Finland for three countries. This serial order is the largest vehicle agreement between Patria and the Finnish Defence Forces in many decades. In Finland, Patria 6×6 vehicles continue in the footsteps of XA-series vehicles, better known as Pasi, as we continue to develop the performance and mobility of the Finnish Army at least until the 2060s, or even longer,” said Jussi Järvinen, Executive Vice President of Patria’s Finland Division. 

Patria has several locations including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Spain. Patria employs over 3,000 professionals. 

Patria tells that its mission is to give its customers confidence in all conditions, and the vision is to be the #1 partner for critical operations on land, sea and air. 

Patria is owned by the State of Finland (50.1%) and Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (49.9%). Patria owns 50% of Nammo, and together these three companies – Kongsberg, Nammo and Patria – form a leading Nordic defence partnership and are together one of the defence industrial key elements in developing sustainable security in Nordic hemisphere.

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