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Sweden in NDR

First Sergeant Manttias Larsson of the Swedish army's Norrbotten Regiment, fires a Colt Canada C8 carbine rifle at targets during the Nordic Tank Challenge in Holstebro, Denmark, May 23, 2016. Throughout the competition, participating tank crews were graded on their abilities to perform first aid, tank maintenance, maneuvering and firing, and marksmanship. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Behlin)

Population: 10,536,338 (2023 est.)
Total Military Personnel: 82300
Army Personnel: 6850
Navy Personnel: 2100
Tanks: 120
Vehicles: 935
Self-Propelled Artillery: 26
Aircraft Total: 212
Fighters: 71
Helicopters: 53
Attack Helicopters: 0

Defence Budget

The total budget for 2024 is just under EUR 10.7 billion.

Defense Budget Increase

Sweden announced a defense spending increase of 2.2 billion EUR from 2023 to 2024, marking a rise of 28 percent. In 2022, Sweden’s defence budget rose by 30 percent. Sweden expects to hit NATO’s two percent GDP spending target in 2024.

Main Expenditure Item

Sweden’s Resources for personnel recruitment and retention effort to bolster its military capabilities, especially as it prepares to join NATO. 

The aim is to increase numbers and adjust for the effects of new collective agreements and decisions regarding salaries and supplements.

Growing the army, together with planned retirements means recruitment of new officers must increase. Swedish NATO membership will also require NATO structures to be staffed with Swedish officers, further intensifying the need.

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