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Finland in NDR

Finnish Army

Population: 5600000
Total Military Personnel: 947800
Air Force Personnel: 41100
Army Personnel: 4200
Navy Personnel: 16000
Tanks: 200
Vehicles: 11716
Self-Propelled Artillery: 125
Towed Artillery: 776
MLRS (Rocket Artillery): 76
Naval Assets: 246
Patrol Vessels: 8
Mine Warfare: 18
Submarines: 0
Destroyers: 0
Aircraft Total: 164
Fighters: 55
Helicopters: 27
Attack Helicopters: 0 

Defence Budget

Finland’s defense budget for 2024 is set to be €6.2 billion, 2.3% of the country’s GDP.

Main Expenditure Items

Significant investments are planned for replenishing military equipment and weapons, especially those delivered to Ukraine. Additional focus areas include improving logistics systems, demining capacity, and underwater surveillance for the Navy.

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